Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Top 10 reasons to date a Filipino (male edition)

We've heard too many times the virtues of dating and (marrying) a Filipino woman. It's time we have one for the Filipino male.

Top 10 reasons to date a Filipino:

10. Sense of humour - he can laugh with you or laugh at you (if you're fat and ugly, or both).

9. Food is grace - No Filipino will refuse a good meal. If you know a good restaurant or are a good cook yourself, you're in. If you're lucky, he may be a good cook, too (which is bad if you're already fat).

8. Music is in the blood - He can sing or he can dance really well. If you're lucky (and he's not gay), he can do both.

7. Loyalty - When you have a Filipino boyfriend, you can kiss your dog goodbye. Sometimes he may be infidel but he will forever be loyal. He may have many mistresses but at the end of the day he always comes home to his Number One Love - you.

6. He can take his drink - Unless he has an alcohol problem, he can take his drink. This also works in your favour if you're fat and ugly or both: nothing that a whole bottle of scotch cannot do to improve your appearance.

5. Family orientated - He will woo your family whilst he woos you. Just hope you don't have a twin sister because that will spell BIG TROUBLE. Or worse, if you have a household help more beautiful (or slimmer) than thou....

4. Sexuality - The Filipino is confident of his sexuality. Metrosexuality was in even before the term was coined. But secure your skin care products lest you run out quickly.

3. Pragmatism - The Filipino male has a pragmatic outlook in life. If you come from a rich family, he won't mind if you're fat and ugly or both.

2. Hornier than a toad - It is not too hard to understand why Viagra is a flop in native 'Pinas. You can expect a Filipino male to get it up just as the sun gets up in the morning. Of course the downside is the tendency to philander. See item # 7.

1. A hopeless romantic - He will always show his affection to you. He will take care of you and will make sure you feel special. Even at the age of 90, whilst walking together in public, he will still hold your hand (for fear of tripping and falling).

-JT of Dural